1. This is an Ultimate 41 in 41 GNR and is the perfect packing pistol or hunting sidearm. The 41 GNR has taken just about every game animal in the U.S. except for the big bears, and with the right bullet and load I wouldn't hesitate to try them. The new Ultimate 41 has a 4 5/8" barrel, is a two toned gun with the deluxe Black Chromex finish on the frame, barrel and cylinder with stainless steel Gunfighter Grip, hammer, and small parts including the Belt Mountain base pin. It has the interchangeable blade front sight system with the gold bead front sight blade. It has a really nice set of Virgin Unicorn grips and has all the normal features like action job, Deep Dish Crown and Maxi Throat. This one is sighted in and ready to go and I can't think of a better all around hunting sidearm. The Ultimate 41 is normally $1395 on your base gun, so this one on a brand new Ruger Blackhawk base gun, would normally be around $1900 or a bit more. I have it sale priced at $1595 plus shipping. MORE PHOTOS
2. This is one of our Pocket Packers just finished. The gun is chambered, as they all are, in 22 Magnum. It has a new 4 5/8" proper bore barrel with our serrated front sight and silver bands, new unfluted cylinder, and our Gunfighter Grip with aged ivory Corian grips. The gun has been engraved and has the deluxe Black Chromex finish. It has been sighted in and is ready to go. With us furnishing the base gun the price would normally be $1650 or so but is sale priced at $1395 plus shipping. MORE PHOTOS

This is the deluxe version of the BRUTE 2. It is chambered in 480 Ruger and has a new 6" barrel with the interchangeable blade front sight. The gun is fully slicked up with Deep Dish Crown, Maxi Throat, action job, custom grips and the satin Vapor Honed finish. It features engraving of dangerous American game. Shorter and more compact, this makes a great large game hunting revolver. The new deluxe version will be listed on the site at $1395 on your base gun, but with us furnishing the base gun and all the special work we have done to it, the normal price would be $2195. This one is sale priced at $1595 plus shipping  MORE PHOTOS

5. This one is a 5" Ruger Blackhawk in 45 Long Colt, another John Taffin would consider a Perfect Packin' Pistol. The gun is satin Vapor Honed stainless steel with fire blue small parts. It has a new 5" barrel, has the Belt Mountain base pin for tighter lock up and has our Magnum gripframe with dark walnut grips. It has the interchangeable blade front sight system with the red fiber optic front sight. The gun has a full action job along with the Maxi Throat and Deep Dish Crown. With all the features on a new gun the price would normally be $1795 but this one is sale priced at $1295 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS

This is a new 338 Lapua just finished. This one is built on the Weatherby MK 5 magnum action. It has a new high grade stainless barrel that is 28" plus the muzzle brake. It has the nylon stock and soft recoil pad plus the brake to keep the recoil down. This one has had a full action job and has been slicked up inside and out. A real long range "reach out and touch" rifle. If you have checked the 338 Lapua rifles on the internet you will see that they start at about $2500 and go way up from there. This one has all top of the line parts, the best you can get, and is priced at $1795 plus shipping. MORE PHOTOS