1. Here is another of our BRUTE pistols. This one is a bit different in that we built it on a classic Colt New Service. The gun has had a full makeover with a new cylinder in 45 ACP, a new barrel and front sight plus several new internals. It is engraved and has our Gunfighter Grip with a set of red laminated grips. It has all the normal features like full action job, Deep Dish Crown and Maxi Throat. It is finished in the deluxe Black Chromex finish and comes with the full moon clips..The Brute is normally $1995 on your base gun. With us furnishing the base gun plus all the work, this gun would normally be priced at $2795. This one is sale priced at $1895 plus shipping MORE PHOTOS
2. I bought a batch of Belgium Hi Powers recently. These were Israeli Hi Powers issued to the IDF, Israeli Defense Force from the same company that we got the Mossad guns from a year or so ago. These don't have any of the Mossad writing on them but the import company is based out of Israel. We went over the gun piece by piece and replaced a few small parts inside that showed some use. We fit Novak Night sights to it, ramped and polished the barrel, did an action job to it and the deluxe Black Chromex finish, plus a custom set of checkered deluxe grips. We also sighted the gun in and it is very accurate. This gun, with all the work done to it, plus being a Belgium gun would normally run around $1700. This one is priced at $1195 plus shipping. MORE PHOTOS
3. Here is a rare one, a custom Thompson Center G-2, The G-2 is probably the hardest TC to find, ever. This one has a full action job, is engraved and has the Black Chromex finish on it. It comes with a 10" 356 GNR barrel in stainless. If you don't want the 356 GNR barrel, you can switch to a 310 GNR, 350 GNR, or another 356 GNR barrel, all these in blue. The new custom G-2 with your choice of barrels is priced at $795 plus shipping MORE PHOTOS
4. This one, like the other custom Hi Power on this list was issued to the IDF, the Israeli Defense Forces. The gun is Belgium made. A 9mm just doesn't get any more classy than the Belgium Hi Power, and this one is no exception. We went thru it piece by piece and replaced any worn parts. The gun has had Novak night sights fit to it, it has been ramped and polished and has had an action job. It has been engraved and the deluxe Black Chromex finish done to it along with the small parts fire blued. It has a set of custom checkered grips. It shoots all ammo, FMJ or JHPs. It is also very accurate. With all the work that has been done to it, plus being a Belgium Hi Power, the regular price would be a bit over $2100. This one is priced at $1395 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS
5. Our new TEXAS RANGER CLASSIC series has been extremely popular. It is a classy 1911 with all the bells and whistles and at a price that just about anyone can handle. The new Texas Ranger comes in 10mm and in 45. This one just finished is in 45 ACP. This one is in the government length slide. It has a custom trigger, sights, beavertail, safety, slide release and is fully ramped and polished plus has the light rail on the frame. It has a full action job and the deluxe Black Chromex finish. It has aged ivory Corian grips and is sighted in and ready to go. With all the features this one has it would normally be $1995 but is sale priced at $1495 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS
6. This one is one of our new CLASSIC HUNTERS chambered in 45-70. The gun is built on a new Ruger #1 frame. It is all stainless with the frame being full high polished and engraved with bears. The gun has the XS rear ghost ring sight and the gold bead front. It has the Decelerator butt pad and has the action slicked up. The barrel and small parts are satin Vapor Honed stainless. the stock and forend are the laminated Ruger wood. The new CLASSIC HUNTER is the perfect gun for those that hunt large game. And with the Garrett Hammerhead ammo there is nothing on this planet that you couldn't take with this rifle. The new CLASSIC HUNTER is normally $1595 on your Ruger #1 and with the work plus us furnishing a new gun the price on this gun would normally be $2395. This beauty is sale priced at $1795 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS
7. This beauty is built on one of our stretch frames and is one we have been working on a bit in the evenings for a couple of months. The new Ultimate 41 is chambered in our 41 GNR#2, a very powerful cartridge based on the 445 Super Mag brass necked down to 41. The 41 GNR#2 is an extremely popular caliber and has been used on critters from whitetail deer to African buffalo. It is one of my favorite cartridges. I have one just like it and it was on a table at the last HHC and several people asked me if I planned on building any more like it. Well, here it is. It has a 7" barrel, interchangeable blade front sight with the gold bead blade. It has the Bisley Gunfighter grip with a set of really nice European walnut grips. It has American game scenes engraved on it and has all the normal features like Maxi Throat, Deep Dish Crown and action job. It is finished in our Vapor Honed finish with high polished small parts. One other thing. Several months ago when i noticed we were getting low I pulled several of our stretch frames aside for special guns and put temporary serial numbers on them just to keep track of the frames. The serial number on this gun is up to you. It can be your last name, or series of numbers or letters. The number on it is just for my paperwork to keep track of the frames so you get to pick the serial number and make it a one of a kind. With the Bisley gripframe this one would normally be $2795 but is sale priced at $2395 plus shipping MORE PHOTOS
8. This is a very special gun and  is one of only 8 ever made. It is our Ultimate Encore with the ebony stocks and elephant ivory forend tip and grip cap. The frame is color cased and the barrel is a special one too. It is full octagonal including the muzzle brake and is finished in our deluxe Black Chromex finish. The gun has a new 2X Leupold scope mounted on it in Leupold base and rings. The gun is chambered in 378 GNR and has never been fired other than me test firing it 5 years ago. We had planned on building 10 of these very special guns but we ended up building 8 before we closed it out. So this is one of only 8 ever made. The family that owns it is moving to Australia and needs to sell it. The current retail on the gun, not counting any collector value, would be about $2600 set up as it is. The family wants $2150 for it MORE PHOTOS