This is the GUNS Magazine Gun of the Month from August 2000. It is our 475 GNR Buffalo Hunter. It has gone around the world and come back to us on a trade. We refinished the gun to clean up a couple of scratches on the stock. The gun is exactly as it was when it was the centerfold in the magazine, except it has been ported and the loop has been widened. Also John Taffin did an article on this gun. So you are getting a very special rifle. It is chambered in 475 GNR, a very powerful cartridge. I imagine that is why the owner had it ported. The gun has an 18" barrel and a full length magazine tube. It is engraved and is done in our Black Chromex finish and the caliber and logo are inlayed in gold. The rifle has a set of XS sights in the rear and a gold bead blade up front. It has a Decelerator pad fit to it and has a full action and accuracy job. The gun was priced at $1595 back in 2000 when it was featured in the magazine. At today's prices it would be near $2500. It is priced at $1795 plus shipping and a copy of the magazine goes with it.  MORE PHOTOS
2. Here is something for you long range freaks. This is another of our new Carnivore's in 338 Lapua. This beauty is built from the ground up. it is built on a brand new long magnum action with a heavy duty 28" barrel. It has our highly efficient muzzle brake to bring the recoil down to about that if a 270. It is fit to a soft rubber stock with a soft butt pad to dampen the recoil even more. The rifle is finished in our deluxe Black Chromex finish. The gun has a full action job and is extremely accurate. A rifle of this quality would normally run at least $2500. This one is priced at $1795 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS
3. This is another of our Classic Hunters. This beauty is chambered in 256 Falcon, which is a 30-30 necked down to .257. The gun is full custom with a short carbine barrel for heavy brush work but the cartridge is also very flat shooting should you need to take a long shot. The new Classic Hunter has a 17" barrel total including the muzzle brake. With the brake the recoil is almost non-existent. The gun has been engraved with deer on one side and antelope on the other, both enclosed in scroll work. It has the XS sights with the ghost ring in the rear and white line in the front. It has the widened loop for working with gloved hands. The stock has been completely refinished to our deluxe finish. It has the Decelerator pad added for more comfort. The rifle is finished in our deluxe Black Chromex finish with gold accents. The gun is very smooth shooting and very accurate. We have the dies for the 256 Falcon in stock. With all the work involved, plus the gun itself it would normally be a bit over $2000. It is priced at $1495 plus the shipping.  MORE PHOTOS
4. This is another of the Israeli Hi Powers, from the IDF, the Israeli Defense Force. The gun is in 9mm and is a Belgium gun. We have received almost 40 now from the IDF and we check each one out completely, replace any worn parts, fit new parts where necessary, fit a new set of custom checkered grips, do our deluxe Black Chromex finish on it, with fire blue parts. We mill out the slide and fit new Novak sights to it. We do a full action job on it and make sure it is as accurate as possible. A Belgium Hi Power itself would normally run right at $1000. With all the work done to it, this gun should run about $1800, maybe a bit more. It is sale priced at $1195 plus shipping. MORE PHOTOS
5. Most of you have heard of Bar-B-Q guns, very special guns that you bring out to show your neighbor over a Bar-B-Q. Well, if you don't have one, here is your baby. We just finished this one. One of our very popular Texas Ranger 1911s in 45 ACP. High polished stainless steel, with fire blue small parts and blue laminated grips. Full custom with extended slide release, safety, checkered mainspring housing, custom beavertail, Novak night sights. It has a full action job and is sighted in and ready to rock. This Texas Ranger with the base 1911, plus all the special work done on it would normally be right at $2800. This beauty is sale priced at $1795 plus shipping. MORE PHOTOS
6. This beauty is one of our Flattop Hunters. It is chambered in 356 GNR with a 6˝" barrel. The 356 GNR is a very powerful round, equaling the 180 grain 44 magnum in power with ease but with less recoil. We have taken cow elk, Nilgai and like sized animals with it thru the years, most with one shot. It is simply the 41 Magnum case necked down to 357. We have the dies in stock. Like most of our Flattop Hunters this beauty is all satin black. It has the Belt Mountain base pin for tighter lock up and the utmost in accuracy. It has the Gunfighter Grip with a real nice set of laminated walnut grips fit to it. It has the interchangeable blade front sight system with the gold bead blade. It has the Positive Performance Package done to it and is sighted in and ready to go.The Flattop Hunter is normally $1495 on your base gun. With us furnishing the base gun plus the package price it would normally be $2295. This beauty is priced at $1695 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS
7. This is one of our 1911s in the Urban Survivalist series. This beauty is chambered in 38 Super and is a two toned gun. It is satin Vapor Honed Black Chromex with satin stainless small parts. The gun has all the special features like extended safety, extended slide release, custom Commander hammer, custom beavertail, 3 dot Novak sights, Greider trigger, snake skin mainspring housing and our own Gunfighter Grip. It has a set of really nice Virgin Unicorn grips made and fit to it. It is also very accurate. There aren't very many really good 38 Supers out there but this one is an exception, good lookin' and accurate too. This beauty is priced at $1595 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS
8. Here is a real nice little carbine just finished. This one is perfect for those long walks after game. It is in our Classic Hunter series and is built on a Marlin 336. The gun has a 16˝" barrel and is chambered in 30 GNR. It is a perfect gun for any game up to bull elk. The 30 GNR brass is simply a 30-30 case fireformed and you can hunt with 30-30 while you are foreforming the brass. We have the dies in stock. The 30 GNR will put a 125 grain bullet out of a carbine at almost 2900 fps, a 135 grain at 2800 fps and a 150 grain at 2600 fps, very close to 308 power.

This little beauty has a completely refinished stock with the classic 1800s Marlin style buttplate. The gun has been engraved with an elk fighting scene on one side of the frame and a bear on the other side. The action and barrel are finished in the deluxe Black Chromex finish. The gun has express style sights with a very special front sight that the old African hunters used. It has a small gold bead for precision work and in late evening or early morning you can flip up the front sight and there is a larger elephant ivory bead. All in all this is a truly classy little rifle. Short and compact but with the power of a 308 Winchester.
This little classic would normally run right at $2100. It is sale priced at $1395 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS
9.  This is one of the stainless Black Mambas. It is chambered in 44 Special with the heavy underlug 6" barrel, beefy 5 shot cylinder, Positive Performance Package, which includes the Deep Dish Crown, Maxi Throat and an action job. It has a set of deluxe custom grips fit to it and is finished in our Vapor Honed stainless finish. The Black Mamba is normally $1995 on your base GP-100 so with us furnishing the base gun it would normally be somewhere around $2795. This one is special sale priced at $2195 plus shipping MORE PHOTOS
10. The next one is one of our very popular ULTIMATE 10s. This beauty is a longslide 10mm with all the bells and whistles. More and more guys are getting into the 10mm for hunting deer size game and this one would be perfect for that. The extra length in the barrel gives you a bit more powder burn and a bit more punch. The gun has all the special features like a Caspian custom frame, our slide, custom adjustable night sights, custom beavertail, checkered backstrap, custom commander hammer, Greider trigger, extended slide release, extended safety, custom laminated grips, full action job with ramp and throat and the deluxe Black Chromex finish. The gun is also very accurate. The new ULTIMATE 10 is normally $2450 but is sale priced at $1895 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS
11. The gun is a Winchester 94 . It is not a pre-64. By the dates in my Winchester book, it was made in 1974. It is chambered in our 30 GNR. To get 30 GNR brass, you simply shoot 30-30 in it and it fireforms to the new chamber. Plus you can hunt with it while you are fireforming the brass. The 30 GNR, in a rifle, will beat the 300 Savage and come very close to the 308. The gun came out of an estate sale last year. It had hung on the wall for years and had been shot very little, if any. The finish and the bluing had faded so this was the perfect candidate for the rechamber and rework. The wood has been refinished in an ebony finish. The frame is silver with the small parts blued. The metal is our satin Black Chromex. It has had an action job and has the antique Neidner buttplate fit to it. We also added the wider loop for working with gloved hands. All in all a classy Winchester ready to hunt. With it being a model 94 and all the work we have done on it, the price should be around $1900. The gun is sale priced at $1095 plus shipping MORE PHOTOS
12. This is a very special revolver built a few years back. It was built and sold on here with the proceeds to go to the children’s fund in Pemba, Mozambique, where Jim Taylor is a missionary. The gun is a 45 Long Colt Vaquero that has been full engraved. It has 20,000 year old Mammoth ivory grips and is accented with fire blue parts. It has not been shot since we sold it on here a few years back. The gun is a one of a kind gun. The owner is thinning out his collection and has it here on consignment. The gun is priced at $2495 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS