1. This is our Ultimate 41 in 41 GNR. This one is set up for a great packing piece or a general all around hunting revolver. The gun is built on a new Ruger Blackhawk. It is chambered in 41 GNR and has a 4 5/8" barrel on it. It has all the normal features like a full action job, Maxi Throat, Deep Dish Crown, soft satin Vapor Honed Black Chromex finish, Gunfighter Grip on a stainless gripframe. Stainless parts and black Micarta Gunfighter Grips. A stainless Belt Mountain base pin was fitted to the gun after these pics were taken. No fancy stuff on this one, just a great all around hunting gun. It has the interchangeable blade system front sight with gold bead and is ready to go. The normal Ultimate 41 is $1395 on your base gun. This one is built on a new Ruger that we furnished so the regular price on this full package would normally be around $1900. This one is sale priced at $1495 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS
2. This is one of our Texas Ranger Classics. It has been a while since we built a cowboy/packing gun for the in stock list but here it is. It is built on a New Vaquero with a new cylinder and barrel and chambered in 44 Special. It has a 4" barrel on it with the normal Texas Ranger badge and bands in gold. The gun is finished in our deluxe Black Chromex finish. It has our Gunfighter Grip with ivory Corian grips. It has the full action job, Maxi Throat and Deep Dish Crown as normal. The Texas Ranger Classic is normally $1295 on your base gun which means this gun should normally run about $1795 minimum. This one is sale priced at $1395 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS
3. Those that like the large calibers and also want to save money, this one is for you. This is one of our PROFESSIONAL HUNTERS that is built from the ground up on one of our heavy duty stretch frames. The gun is serial number 5. This one is chambered in 500 S&W, and has the Magnum 5 porting. The barrel is a heavy duty 6" barrel. The cylinder is big and beefy and 5 shot. The gun is engraved with a bull elk on one side of the cylinder and a mountain lion on the other. The gun has our Magnum Gripframe with a set of really nice green and gray laminated grips. It has the normal full action job, Deep Dish Crown, Maxi Throat and all the other features the PROFESSIONAL HUNTER always has. A really nice dangerous game revolver and priced right. This one would normally be $2895 but it has been in our showcase for several months as a display gun so we have priced it right at $2095 plus shipping.  MORE PHOTOS