1. This is a very special Javelina Classic. It just came back from Richard Mann, who is a gun writer that writes for several gun magazines. He did a big article on the Banshee cartridges and plans one on the Raptors and if I remember right they are for Handloader magazine. Anyway, the is one of our Javelina Classics in 255 Banshee. It is built on an old model Ruger Blackhawk. The gun is an 8 shot revolver with an 8" barrel. It has the Gunfighter Grip with a set of Virgin Unicorn grips made and fit to it. It has the interchangeable blade system front sight and the gold bead blade. It has the Positive Performance Package done to it and is smooth as butter. The gun has the deluxe Black Chromex finish and any smears you might see are a light coating of oil.The gun is special in that it will be featured in at least one magazine. With us furnishing the base gun plus all the special features it would normally run about $2300. It is sale priced at $1695 plus shipping. MORE PICTURES
2. How about a special hunting lever gun? We just finished the prototype of our new AMERICAN HAMMER series of hunting rifles. This beauty is built on a Marlin 336 and is chambered in our new 355 GNR. The 355 GNR is a very powerful round, considerably more than the 35 Remington. It is based on a 30-30 case necked up to 35 caliber. The cartridge is easy to make and we have the dies in stock. This new American Hammer has a new 20" barrel on it. The wood has been refinished and had a Decelerator pad added to it. The lever has been widened for use with gloves. The action has been slicked up to super smooth and new sights added. The XS in the rear and our interchangeable blade sight system in the front. The gun is also very accurate. The new American Hammer will be priced at $1495 on your base Marlin. This one, with us furnishing the base gun plus the American Hammer package should normally be $2200 or a bit more. This one is priced at $1695 plus shipping. MORE PICTURES
3. This is one of our very popular full custom Texas Ranger Classics. This was one of the Israeli Belgium Hi Powers It has been checked out completely end to end and any part that shows any sign of wear is replaced. It has been engraved with the Texas Ranger star and logo in gold and has the deluxe Black Chromex finish.It has the custom commander hammer, fire blue small parts, full action job including ramping and polishing, custom checkered grips, ambi safety, and the slide has been milled for Novak night sights.The gun is sighted in and ready to go and is also very accurate. This beauty would normally run around $2195 but is sale priced at $1495 plus shipping.   MORE PICTURES
4. This is another rare one from that estate sale and another that we did years ago. It was a special gun and has been test fired only. It is a Series 80 Colt Government Model in 9mm. It is full engraved with a full action job with ramp and polishing. It has a set of custom rosewood grips on it and special 3 dot sights. It has our deluxe Black Chromex finish. Today that gun customized as it is would be in the $3500 range. It is sale priced at $1995 plus shipping
This is one of our Alaskan Hunters. This one is chambered in 480 Ruger. It has a 6" barrel, 5 shot cylinder, Gunfighter Grip with laminated green and blue grips. It has the interchangeable blade front sight and has the Positive Performance Package. It has Alaskan game scenes engraved on it and the satin Vapor Honed stainless finish. It is super slick and also very accurate. This one with us furnishing the base gun would normally run $2395. It is sale priced at $1795 plus shipping. MORE PICTURES