Hunting Handguns and Their Cartridges

by Gary Reeder Second Edition

Our new second edition handgun hunting book has just been released. It is almost twice as big as my first book, plus has all the deluxe features like laminated cover, front and back, deluxe color pages inside and over 1000 pictures.
It also has sewn in pages so we donít have the loose pages we had from time to time with my first book.
The new book HUNTING HANDGUNS and THEIR CARTRIDGES is priced at $40 delivered.



Gary Reeder's GNR Cartridges 2nd Edition

The Complete Loading Manual for all of the Gary Reeder GNR Cartridges

The book is now 90 pages!! It's twice as big as the last reloading manual and all the GNR cartridges are in there.  Listing 45 calibers from the .224 GNR to the .610 GNR including Kase Reeder's .450 KNR.

All field proven and fully tested load data.

$20.00 each - postpaid



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Reeder Custom Guns
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Flagstaff, AZ 86004

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