Urban Survivalist

A couple of years back I wanted to design a Smith & Wesson revolver in 44 special that would be ok for a hunting gun or backpacking gun, but the primary reason for it's existance was to be designed as a "carry gun" for urban situations. The new URBAN SURVIVALIST is that gun. It is chambered in the extremely popular 44 special. Even Dirty Harry said he carried his S&W Model 29 with 44 specials in it. The new URBAN SURVIVALIST is built on your S&W N frame 357 Magnum or 41 Magnum, which would be the model 27 or 28 or the 627 all in 357 Magnum, or the 57 or 657 in 41 magnum. It has a 5" heavy full underlug barrel to keep the recoil manageable. It has a full action job and is very smooth. It has the interchangeable blade system front sight and comes with either gold bead, red fiber optic bead or green bead fiber optic and with the V rear sight. The grips are ivory micarta and are in the Gunfighter Grip configuration to give you more control over the recoil.

The new Urban Survivalist can be built on a blue or stainless gun and comes with a soft satin Vapor Honed finish. The new Urban Survivalist will be priced at $1395 on your base S&W.


Urban Survivalist

$1395 on your S&W

4 to 6 month delivery

in most cases