For over 10 years I have been wanting to build a full custom Ruger Redhawk® in some of our larger calibers. A special 5 shot Redhawk® that was full custom from the gripframe up. At the time I wasn't sure exactly how I wanted to build it so I kept putting it off. Recently due to shoulder surgery, I was laid up for a couple of weeks and this gave me time to actually draw up this new series and get started on it. The new series is our new MASTODON. This beauty starts out on your own furnished base gun, which can be any Redhawk®. This is the original Redhawk®, not the Super Redhawk®.
 We only build the MASTODON on the Redhawk®. The base gun can be any caliber, as all that changes and can be blue or stainless. We build the MASTODON in 3 calibers, 455 GNR, 475 Linebaugh or 510 GNR. The MASTODON boasts a new beefy 5 shot cylinder, new heavy duty barrel, new sights, a totally reconfigured gripframe, the grips of your choice, including Mongolian stag all included in the base price.

The new MASTODON can be either all Black Chromex, all satin stainless, or a 2 toned gun as shown in the pictures. The new MASTODON can have whatever barrel length you like, although for proper balance, we recommend 5 1/2" (as shown) or 6". The new MASTODON comes with a small bit of engraving and each gun is numbered, starting at #001. The gun comes fully slicked up and sighted in. Ammunition for the 455 GNR and 510 GNR are available from Andy Rowe at Cartridge Performance Engineering. We will also chamber the new MASTODON in some other calibers as a special order.

For the hunter that takes on dangerous game, the new MASTODON is the ultimate in it's field. Full custom from the bottom up, the MASTODON is your dream gun come true. As always one third down and we begin work on your new MASTODON.

Also available in a the Compact version for Packing or CCW!!




Built on your base Redhawk®

3 to 4 month delivery in most cases