This beauty is built on your stainless or blue New Vaquero.The SIDEWINDER sports a 3 1/2 inch barrel, with our own serrated front sight, gold bands on the barrel and cylinder and a full compliment of snake scales over the entire frame and barrel. We high polish the cylinder also and along with the gold bands we engrave 2 striking sidewinders. 

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 We engrave the SIDEWINDER logo and the customers name if he wishes and inlay both in gold. The hammer with it's serpentine look we leave in a high polish Black Chromex along with the trigger. We finish it off with our Gunfighter Grip and pitch black micarta grips. We add our normal action job and sight the SIDEWINDER in at the normal cowboy action shooting range. 

It's something new and different and another in our long line up of custom cowboy guns. As always one third down and we get started on your new SIDEWINDER. 

$1295 on your New Vaquero

4 to 6 month delivery in most cases.