A Very Special Lee Jurras Memorial revolver

Late last fall I spent a couple of days with Lee Jurras. Lee has been a friend and a mentor to me since the mid '70s. I knew Lee had cancer but didn't know how far along it was so I wanted to spend some time with him. While we were talking about our various African hunts and such, Lee asked me to do him a favor. I told him absolutely. He said he wanted me to build two special series of handguns, one being a special series of revolvers, the Lee Jurras Memorial. He told me how he wanted it done and that he wanted the wording "Lee E. Jurras Memorial, 1934-2017". He wanted his gun chambered in 475 Linebaugh. He said he wanted 20 to 25 guns made and they would be offered to close friends of his or anyone that was interested. Each would be numbered. He wanted me to get number 1 and him #2. I told him that wasn't going to happen, that he got #1, no arguments.

His predicting the date of his death bothered me a lot but I told Lee I would do it. We got to work on the prototype of the Lee E. Jurras Memorial immediately and presented it to him in early March. The cancer had taken it's toll of him and he was very weak and had a hard time getting around. But even in his weakened condition, he still shot the gun several times.  Lee passed away April 24th, 2017. That 475 was his baby up until the end.


Respecting Lee's wished, we are offering 20 very special revolvers in the Lee E. Jurras Memorial series. The gun can be had either on your furnished base gun which can be any new model Ruger Blackhawk, Super Blackhawk or Bisley. Or we can furnish the base gun on our own frame, which is a beefy flattop single action frame. You have your choice of calibers and your choice of barrel length, 8" maximum. You also get one of only 20 guns to be made. You also get the gun in a nice walnut case that is also marked with the name "Lee E. Jurras Memorial One of 20". You can pick the number of the gun. Lee's was marked 001 on the frame. Also if you decide to go with having the gun built on our frame, you get to choose the serial number, 10 letters maximum.

The Lee E. Jurras Memorial built on your base gun is $1995. In the presentation case it is $2595. The gun built on our frame is $2695 and in the presentation case is $3295. The projected delivery time is 6 months. To order your gun, you can either e-mail me or call me at 928-526-3313 and I will take down the order. We require a 1/3 deposit with the order. I will need to know whether you want to have it built on your base gun or ours, the caliber and barrel length, the number of the gun and the serial number if built on our frame.