Custom 1911's by Kase Reeder


Back in 1987, I came up with an idea for a special revolver with a special finish that I would call the BLACK WIDOW. We developed a finish to go on the gun that we called Black Chromex and in late '87 the first Black Widow hit the gun magazines. Later on in '95 we came out with our BLACK WIDOW 2 built on the Ruger Vaquero for the cowboy shooters. The gun continued to evolve and in 2000 the ULTIMATE BLACK WIDOW was born, a new WIDOW chambered in larger calibers like 475 Linebaugh, 500 Linebaugh and 510 GNR in a bigger longer 5 shot cylinder.

blkwidow pic.JPG (30075 bytes)

Now the BLACK WIDOW is at it's pinnacle as my son Kase has designed a totally new and different BLACK WIDOW than has ever seen the light of day. The all new 1911 BLACK WIDOW. 

This pitch black beauty comes chambered in the ever popular 45 ACP, features a full custom Caspian slide with Novak Tritium front sight and low profile Bomar rear. The frame is a custom STI frame with a Tactical Impact Spike milled into it. After the popularity of Kase's Vampyre Slayer he figured he needed something for all the rest of the less than desirable creatures of the night, thus the Tactical Impact Spike. Run out of ammo? No big deal, just drive the Tactical Impact Spike right between the slimeballs beady little eyes and you have instant creature sushi. 

This lady of the night features the Ed Brown memory groove beavertail, a Chip McCormick extended safety, the Ed Brown Hard Core hammer, all Ed Brown tuned internals, a Kart National match barrel and bushing. Topping it all off are the black widow spiders, spider webs and our time proven Black Chromex finish. A super tuned action job gives the BLACK WIDOW a light and smooth trigger pull and accuracy second to none. 

If the 1911 BLACK WIDOW is your cup of tea, just give us a call and as always one third down and we begin work on your new BLACK WIDOW.


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