Forum Discussion Policy

RULE 1: All posts must be mature(relatively) in nature and civilized.

RULE 2: This is a gun related forum not a counseling session.

RULE 3: Don't complain about the way the forum is run or why posts got deleted.

RULE 4: Private "For Sale" items should be cleared through Gary (email) first.

RULE 5: Do not post copyrighted material. 

RULE 6: Instigating with the purpose of drawing people into highly
                argumentative situations and wasting of bandwidth is a cause for
                deletion and/or banning.

RULE 7: No Personal attacks, racial slurs, foul language or
                offensive pictures (no lower body shots).

RULE 8. No illegal (US Law) or unethical material.

Personal Attacks and Defamation Policy

It is the policy of this forum to NOT allow any kind of personal attacks on dealers, gunsmiths and individuals.

Continuous harassing or targeting of a business because your personality happens not to agree with his/hers will not be tolerated.

If the merchandise you received from such business was not as promised then you have the right to contact the dealer and rectify it.  If you do not get satisfaction, email the owner of this forum, before making any post.

Violators of this policy will be immediately banned.

All rules are interpreted and invoked by the Forum owner and moderators and are final.

In closing, we believe that the forum should operate in the spirit of sharing and good will and preserve its freedom of expression and openess in the hope that we will sustain the camaraderie that is prevalent amongst our members.

Thank you for your cooperation

Forum Admin.