GNR Sight Base


If you are thinking of putting a red dot sight on your handgun, stay away from the cheap aluminum bases that you see on the internet. They constantly come loose and with hard recoiling calibers will actually shear off and send the sight flying back at you. We are now building all steel bases for your red dot sight and that are made for your revolver. The bases are made of blue steel or stainless. They are being built one at a time, for your revolver. None of this “almost fits” crap. I will need your revolver BUT I don’t need the whole thing. Take the cylinder out and ship it as a “non gun” and no problems. Turnaround time about 2 to 3 weeks. I will need your revolver and your red dot to fit the base and sight to your frame. The cost is great too. It is $150. plus shipping back. One extra hole will be drilled in the frame. The base shown in the pictures is still in the white to show the base better. Yours will be finished to match the finish of your revolver.




 GNR Sight Base is $150.00