El Diablo

If you happen to have an old model 3 screw Ruger Blackhawk® and have wondered what you could do with it, I have a suggestion. Give it new life as our new EL DIABLO. This beauty is built on your old model 3 screw Blackhawk® and it doesn't matter what caliber your old model is. And now due to popular demand we are building the EL DIABLO on your new model Blackhawk®. Super Blackhawk® or Bisley®.  First we build a whole new cylinder in 44 special, then build a special 3 1/2 inch 44 barrel. On both we do our gold bands for that special classy look. We replace all the inner parts with new ones and clean up the frame. We install a new all steel gripframe in our Gunfighter Grip style and fit a set of ivory Corian grips.

We install our gold bead front sight with the V rear or you can have the standard blade front and white outline rear. Our interchangeable blade front sight system allows you to change your front sight as often as you like. For those close up shots, like a cat on your neighbors front porch the blade sight will do fine. For the long shots, like when you miss that cat and he runs to the far end of the neighbors yard, then the gold bead works fine for a more precise shot.

Once all the parts have been added we give it a super slick action job and then high polish the entire gun and do a small amount of traditional engraving on it and engrave your name on it if you like at no extra charge. We then do our high polish Black Chromex finish to the gun, add the gold inlay and gold bands and we have one of the slickest and classiest revolvers you will see anywhere.  And now there is a new El Diablo in town. This one is built on your new or older Vaquero.

This is a very special  El Diablo in that it is full engraved and built on your Vaquero. The gun is chambered in 45 Long Colt or the caliber of your choosing It is shown with a 4 5/8" barrel but the barrel length is up to you. The gun is high polished stainless steel and is full engraved. It has gold bands on the barrel and cylinder and fire blue small parts. It has our Gunfighter Grip with a classic looking set of Sorrel grips.

It has a full action job and has been sighted in and is ready to go. If your Vaquero is a blue gun the new El Diablo can be done in our deluxe Black Chromex finish at the same price and with all the same features.  If you ever wanted a classic western style revolver but wanted it a bit more special, this is the one for you.



Whether you carry this beauty for self defense, cowboy shoot with it, or just have it around for a fun gun, the new EL DIABLO will fill the needs. As always one third down and we get started on your new EL DIABLO.


on your Ruger Vaquero or Blackhawk®

* There will be an additional $200. for Bisley style conversion