Every 2 weeks we will feature 2 GNR cartridges, and for that 2 weeks we will have special prices on those 2 cartridges whether chambered in revolvers, contenders or encores.

The special sale is not only on Contender, G-2 and Encore barrels but any revolver built in either of the 2 featured cartridges will be marked down another $50 off the current series price! 

The dies that are normally $100 will be marked down to $85

If the featured cartridges will not work in a revolver and can only be chambered in a contender or encore, the barrel will be specially priced at $300 for that 2 week period only. These sale barrels are handgun length barrels only, 15" total or less. No rifle barrels at this price.

Each 2 week period I will choose 2 more cartridges and feature them at special prices. These sale prices are on barrels In Stock and on orders placed during each 2 week period. Once that 2 week period is over, those 2 calibers are off the sale list and another 2 will replace them.

The 356 GNR and the 378 GNR are the 2 current sale calibers thru December 31st.
The 356 GNR
 can be had in revolvers, Contender, and Encore barrels while the 378 GNR is a Contender, Encore or rifle chambering. The sale includes each of these. The barrels are for handgun length barrels only, 15" total or less, $300 each and if chambered in a revolver or rifle, take another $50 off the series price already posted. Plus the dies are sale priced at $85.

The calibers that will be on sale December 16th through December 31st.