GNR barrels can be rechambered from your used Contender barrels:

6mm TCU.., 240 Raptor
256 Winchester...256 GNR, 257 Raptor, 256 Falcon, 257 GNR
6.5 TCU...6.5 Raptor
7 TCU...7 GNR, 280 GNR
7X30...7 GNR, 280 GNR
270 Ren...277 GNR
32-20...300 GNR, 30 GNR, 310 GNR
30-30...30 GNR, 310 GNR
30 Herrett...30 GNR, 310 GNR
10mm...401 GNR
41 Magnum...41 GNR, 41 GNR#2
35 Remington...350 GNR

357 Maximum....350 GNR, 358 GNR
357 Herrett...350 GNR

357 Magnum...356 GNR, 358 GNR, 350 GNR
375 Winchester...375 GNR#2, 378 GNR
45-70...450 GNR

Encore barrels
44 Magnum...429 GNR, 440 GNR
444 Marlin...440 GNR
454 Casull...455 GNR

45-70...450 GNR





For over 2 years now parts for Contender/G-2 and Encore barrels have been almost non-existent. We have all but stopped building barrels. Some parts are now beginning to dribble in a bit at a time, usually enough for 2 or 3 barrels a week. I donít have enough parts to advertise them as we used to do, but if you need or just want a barrel in one of our custom calibers, e-mail or call me and I will see about getting it built for you

In the meantime I will still rechamber your current TC barrels to our GNR calibers and do it at a reduced price. The normal price for rechambering and re-marking a stainless barrel is $150. The normal price for cutting and crowning a barrel is $150. The normal price to do the Vapor Honed finish is $100. If one could pick up a factory barrel used at a good price, he could come out OK. Not great and for sure not as good as the old sale price I sold them for for the last 3 or 4 years, but OK. If a person picked up a 14" stainless 41 mag Contender barrel (just as a for instance) I would rechamber it to 41 GNR, cut and crown it to whatever length he wanted, remark it and Vapor Hone it for them for $225. A blued barrel would be $250.

If a carbine barrel were to be reworked add $25 to those prices for the extra drilling and tapping. These prices would hold true for encore or contender barrels. No black powder barrels or shotgun barrels.

Those are some sale prices that I can live with until these shortages ease up, if they ever do. I won't make any money at those prices but I will do it to get some semi custom barrels out there.  The list of conversions is at the left.

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