Custom Encore

For the last several years the popularity of our Custom Encore has doubled every year and we are now building almost 10 times the amount of barrels per year that we did less than 5 years ago. From small mouse slaying calibers like the 5.7 x28 to our 510 GNR, plus all the calibers in between, there is a caliber for any animal you plan to hunt. 

Our Custom Encore has taken elephant and Cape Buffalo, Brown Bear and moose, Asian Buffalo and American Bison and all the game in between. There is literally nothing on this planet that you can't take with our Custom Encore. 

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The Custom Encore now comes in over 40 different calibers. Something for everyone. The Custom Encore comes in the caliber of your choice, barrel length of your choice and type of barrel you desire. We do not charge extra for odd barrel lengths, or for heavy or tapered barrels. Neither do we charge extra for stainless over blued barrels. You pay one price for our handgun barrels and one price for the rifle barrels. 

The magnum calibers and large calibers come with our own patented muzzle brake that takes approximately 45 to 55% of the recoil out. The Custom Encore frame comes engraved however you like and we also do a small amount of engraving on your barrel along with your name at no extra charge. The barrels all come drilled and tapped for the fine Leupold base and dual dovetail rings, unquestionably the absolute best rings and base on the market. 

One of our most popular versions of the Custom Encore is the Mini Beast. This 10" full bull barrel is chambered in some of the larger hunting calibers, like 429 GNR, 455 GNR, 454 Casull, 475 Linebaugh, 500 Linebaugh and 510 GNR. A handy packing pistol with plenty of power.

Another very popular version of our Custom Encore is our Pirate Gun. This is a special 8" barreled version, normally chambered in some of the medium to larger calibers. Plenty of power for anything on this planet and packable too.
Whichever caliber you choose and whichever planet you choose to hunt, you'll be ready with our Custom Encore. As always one third down and we begin work on your new Custom Encore.

The Custom Encore

 6 month delivery in most cases

All pistol lengths including Pirate and Mini-Beast (up to 14") barrels are $400. for the Encore.
Rifle length barrels (16" and above) are starting at $500.