Magnum Gripframe

Here is a comparison of the new Magnum gripframe and the Bisley gripframe. Both are Gunfighter Grip style but with Ruger limiting the sale of the Bisley gripframes, hammers and triggers more and more I figured it was time to develop a new gripframe.

Our new Magnum gripframe is almost exactly the same length as the Bisley. I moved the back of the trigger guard forward a bit to give us some room for our middle knuckle. The Bisley gripframe tends to bash that knuckle with heavy recoiling guns.The Magnum gripframe also does not require the Bisley hammer & trigger as the Bisley does. Every shooter is different but those that have their middle knuckles bashed by the back of the Bisley trigger guard there is now relief from that. The 2 gripframes are shown below. You will see the length is almost the same but more room for that knuckle with our new Magnum gripframe.