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The Spotlight Revolver Cartridge for this week is the 429 GNR. This is one of those cartridges that kills way beyond what one would think. We have had 2000 lb animals in Africa and here in the states taken with the 429 GNR and one shot in most instances. The 429 GNR is based on a 454 Casull case necked down to .429. It is a tremendously powerful cartridge and extremely accurate at the same time. It uses any bullet you would normally put in a 44 Magnum. It will put a 200 grain XTP out at almost 2000 fps, a 240 grain at 1800 fps and a 300 grain at almost 1700 fps. Large bull elk and moose are no problem at all for the 429 GNR. The cartridge is chambered in Encore pistols but mostly chambered in 5 shot revolvers. For several years now it is been my “go to” cartridge in a revolver. Many of our revolver series can be chambered in the 429 GNR. In the picture the 44 Magnum is on the left with the much more powerful 429 GNR on the right.




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New Product

Improved Redhawk Hammer

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Our next HHC (Handgun Hunter’s Challenge) has been booked. The next hunt is September 29 thru Oct. 2 2016. The HHCs are at our usual place, the Wilderness Hunting Lodge in Monterey Tennessee. Watch our forum http://www.reedercustomguns.net/forum/ for more details. If you want to join us on one of our hunts, call Sandy at 931-979-4050 and put down your deposit.

New Product

Improved  Super Redhawk Hammer


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Spotlight Custom Rifle
The Spotlight Custom Rifle is our AFRICAN CLASSIC. This beauty is built on your Ruger #1 and is available in your choice of calibers, including 470 Nitro, 500 Nitro, 500 Jeffery, 416 Rigby, 375 H&H, 458 Winchester Magnum, 458 Lott or whatever caliber you prefer. In the AFRICAN CLASSIC package you get a new heavy duty barrel with muzzle brake, full action job, the engraving of your choice, special express sights, the Black Chromex finish either in the high polish or the Vapor Honed satin finish. If your Ruger #1 is stainless you get the satin or high gloss finish. The stock and forend are refinished in the finish of your choice, satin black or high gloss finish. We fit a new Decelerator pad to it to help with the recoil. We can also add your name or initials at no extra charge. If you have always wanted a full custom Africa rifle but didn’t want to spend $5000 on it, here is your chance to have one made to your specs and at a much lower price.

The AFRICAN CLASSIC is priced at $1995 on your Ruger #1. Delivery time about 4 months.


SPOTLIGHT Contender & Encore Cartridge

The Spotlight Contender and Encore cartridge for this week is the 338 GNR. This cartridge was one of our earlier cartridges, developed back in early 1995 for an African hunt that year. The 338 GNR is based on the 405 case necked down to 338. It is a very powerful cartridge meant for animals from deer size up to bull elk and moose. it is extremely fast and flat shooting. The longest shot I have ever taken with a Contender was with the 338 GNR in Africa. The cartridge is very easy to make. Run the new 405 case thru the sizing die and you have it. Bullets in the 180 grain up to 225 grain work great on 250 lb animals or less while the heavier bullets work better on bull elk and moose. The 338 GNR will put a 180 grain bullet out of a 14” barrel at well over 2700 fps, a 200 grain at nearly 2700, and a 225 grain bullet at well over 2500 fps. In the picture the 338 GNR is on the left with a 45 Long Colt on the right for size comparison.




Hunting Picture of the Week

When Shipping Your Gun

An important note on sending your base gun in. Please do not strip it of the parts and just send the frame in. That just puts us having to call around all over trying to find the inner parts. That also puts you way behind those that sent the entire gun in. I got a gun in yesterday with a bare frame and barrel and another one today. These two fellows are probably going to have to wait twice as long as someone else that sent in the full base gun.

As of now I will no longer accept partial guns in as a base gun unless you clear it with me beforehand. We are all working 12 hour days trying to get your guns done in a reasonable time and I simply don't have the extra time to sit and make calls all over trying to find the parts that you left out. When you send in your gun, you can take it apart if you feel better doing so or if it makes sending it easier with UPS or Fed Ex, but make sure and put all the internal parts in baggies and send them with the gun.



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