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The Spotlight Cartridge this week for revolvers is the 500 GNR. This great cartridge is simply a 510 GNR necked down to 500. A bit more power due to the necking down, the 500 GNR in an 8” encore barrel will will put out a 350 grain bullet at almost 1500 fps. It will propel a 375 grain bullet at a bit over 1500 fps. This one is faster due to it being a hard cast bullet with less friction. For those that like the heavier bullets, although I developed it for the 350 grain bullets, a 425 grain bullet will chrono almost 1500 fps. A true big game and dangerous game cartridge. In the picture the 500 GNR is on the left and a 45 Long Colt cartridge on the right for size comparison.

500 GNR and 45 Colt


Hunting PictureS


Randy Barnett with a nice hog

Bill Blake Naugle with a cornfield hog

We are almost back to normal. We are still missing a few pictures but will be back to normal real soon.

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SPOTLIGHT Contender & Encore Cartridge

The Spotlight Cartridge this week for the Encores and Contenders is also a great rifle cartridge. It I the 450 GNR. This beast will come to within about 5% of the 458 Winchester magnum when chambered in a rifle. In a handgun it will take anything on this planet. The 450 GNR is simply a 348 case blown out to fireform in the 450 GNR chamber or the 50 Alaskan brass necked down to 458. In a 14” Encore barrel it will put a 300 grain bullet out at almost 2200 fps. A 350 grain bullet at a bit over 2100 fps and a 400 grain bullet at 2000 fps. It will also push a 500 grain bullet up the tube at 1800 fps. A true large and dangerous game cartridge. In the picture the 450 GNR is on the left with a 45 Long Colt on the right for size comparison.

450 GNR and 45 Colt


Hunting Pictures

Britt Jackson with a 429 GNR Corsican Sheep

Charlie Augustine with a great 4 Horn Sheep

When Shipping Your Gun

An important note on sending your base gun in. Please do not strip it of the parts and just send the frame in. That just puts us having to call around all over trying to find the inner parts. That also puts you way behind those that sent the entire gun in. I got a gun in yesterday with a bare frame and barrel and another one today. These two fellows are probably going to have to wait twice as long as someone else that sent in the full base gun.

As of now I will no longer accept partial guns in as a base gun unless you clear it with me beforehand. We are all working 12 hour days trying to get your guns done in a reasonable time and I simply don't have the extra time to sit and make calls all over trying to find the parts that you left out. When you send in your gun, you can take it apart if you feel better doing so or if it makes sending it easier with UPS or Fed Ex, but make sure and put all the internal parts in baggies and send them with the gun.




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