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The Arizona Classic

Cowboy Guns


GRIP Types

 NEW GRIP Materials

Below are shown an 
assortment of our crossdraw 
holsters that are available
with the custom guns.

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Gun Socks
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Hunting Guns

  Javelina Classic    NEW
  North American Hunter    NEW
Texas Ranger Classic NEW  Ultimate 500    NEW
 The New Improved #5 Skorpion    NEW
 El Diablo  Ultimate Vaquero 2
El Paso Classic Backpacker 2 
 Wichita Classic   Texas Classic  
 Lawman Classic  The Classic 45  
The Border Classic  The Mastodon  
 Gambler's Classic   The Arizona Classic 
Trail Rider Classic The Kodiak Hunter  
Tombstone Classic Series African Hunter
Outlaw Classic  Ultimate .45  
Ultimate Vaquero The Ultimate Black Widow
Doc Holliday Classic El Diablo 2  
  455 Alaskan Express 
  Wyoming Hunter 
  Stealth Hawk 
  Night Hawk
  The Ultimate 410
  510 Hunter & 510 GNR
  The Double Deuce

The Ultimate 44

  American Hunter  
  Southern Comfort  
  45 Backpacker  
  The Alaskan Hunter  
  The Montana Hunter Series  
  The Coyote Classic
  The Ultimate .41  

Alaskan Survivalist


The Ultimate Back Up 2


Ultimate Bisley

  The Original Black Widow
   The Nighthunter